Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She went all the way? - Meg Cabot

Yes, another Cabot book, what can I say? I'm a fan. This one is similar style however it is a bit more adult then I was used to with her books. It has the usual lovie dovie stuff you have come to expect from her but this time there is action. It also has different view points which is something new for Cabot. This book is centered mainly around Lou Calabrese, Hollywood screen writer, and her race to stay alive with a man she simply cannot stand, Actor Jack Townsend. Stranded after their helicopter goes down in isolated Arctic Alaska, trying to beat the cold and the men who want Jack dead. Will they make it out alive? This was a good book and there was guess work as to who wants Jack dead. I never would have guessed the ending. it is a fun book and it keeps you entertained. I would recommend it for girls around 18. Due to some eh hem... adult moments in this book.

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